All the informations you need for safe sailing in one place

Be informed about the weather conditions, floating icebergs, pick the route best suited for your needs and much more


What is IcePass about?

IcePass is web service through which sailors will be able to get live informations about shipping routes

Save money

With faster routes

Travel safe

By choosing best route

Be informed

With live data

Be prepared

For everything

About IcePass

Revolutionary invention for sailing.

Our solution is showing the sailor the last known position of the floating icebergs segmented in aerial view and estimate the iceberg's trajectory. Based on the user's current location on the sea, users desired location, position of the icebergs in the sea, their speed, the speed of the sea and the weather conditions, the user can choose, from the drawn paths, the route that is best suited for him. Routes are automatically drawn to the user once he enters the desired destination. Depending on the information that is presented to the user, he can decide if he wants to go with the faster or safer path. Web service solution enables users to save money with faster routes, travel safely by choosing the best suited route, be informed with the live data and be prepared for everything by using the information at their disposal.

Solution is using the Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 satellite mission data for gathering data useful to describe surroundings. We built a convolutional neural network (CNN) which segments satellite pictures of ships at their real time position, to maximize ship traveling safety


Our Pricing Plans

You can choose price plan that is best suited for your needs

Basic plan
  • Icebergs location
  • Free updates
Advanced plan


  • Icebergs location
  • User management
  • Calculated route
  • Free updates
Premium plan
  • Icebergs location
  • Map views in different layers
  • User management
  • Calculated routes
  • Statistics
  • Weather conditions
  • All UI components
  • Free updates
  • 4 Months support

Any Questions? Check already answered questions

It is very simple, just just your starting location and your end location and based on that you will se locations of the icebergs on the map and depending on the price plan, on which you are enrolled, you will may see additional information like routes, weather conditions etc.
Whole world and we may expand depending on the available data
Main location from which we pull data are the Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 satellites. We are also pulling data from some additonal places to improve our solution
We will constatly keep improving IcePass with new data, algorithms, features and best practices. If you have some idea what you would like to see in IcePass, feel free to reach us
We are thinking about the developopment of ios and android application as well
You can reach us here: Contact
Our Team

Meet The Team

The people responsible for the IcePass application

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Denis Alibašić
Technical team lead
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Hrvoje Ćošković
Machine learning engineer and data analyst
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Vedran Rukavina
Machine learning engineer and data analyst
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Tomislav Herout
Full stack developer
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Tihomir Gregurović
Business analyst and development manager

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